How to Sound Eco-friendly to impress a Girl

“Impress her by telling her that how much care about environment”
In these modern times more and more people are becoming eco-friendly. Whether it is in fear of another ice age or just wanting to avoid a carbon foot print, the rising number of hottie hippies requires a new approach if you want to get close to one of them at all. Here are three things you need to know about to sound like you care about the environment.
First, know your off-the-beaten-path foods. Veganism sounds ultra committed to the cause and means that you’re really nice to animals. Throw out some non-animal proteins (and tofu doesn’t cut it anymore) such as: hemp, tempeh, seitan, quinoa, or edamame. Pair them up with random vegetables that you know of and bam; you have yourself an imaginary vegan diet. To avoid any suggestions of you cooking dinner sometime, take her out to a vegan restaurant. They exist in many larger cities and, although they may be costly, it will save you from having to actually buy all of those ingredients at your local co-op and spending more overall.

“Wear eco-friendly clothes”
Secondly, look the part. No leather, lots of hemp or cotton clothing, and don’t wear traditional deodorant.Flip flops and loose clothing tend to fit in well with the lifestyle, as does wooden jewelry. Avoid name brand clothing that isn’t affiliated with organic products. If you stink a little, you can always mention that the toxins that big box companies douse their products in will never touch your skin, you only use what comes from the earth….that you, of course, bought through the co-op.
Thirdly, and finally, know your adopted philosophy. Many eco-alternative babes don’t fall into your traditional sects of religion or belief. If you can bull your way through a foreign religion, then do it. If she doesn’t get what you’re talking about, even better. All you have to do is expand on what you can read from the summary of any Religions of the World textbook and come up with some ways it could fit into the way you already live. If that seems like a bit too much work to do, then adopt the philosophy of mother earth. Simply following the love of nature, the divine feminine, or any other name for it is enough to sound passable in any conversation. It also lets her do some talking, and allows you to tack on to whatever lead she’s giving.

Keep in mind that pretending to be eco-friendly if you really aren’t is just a way to initially impress the type of babe you’re going after. After the first few times of seeing her, you will probably have to either change your tune on the subject or drop it like a hot rock. If you do want to continue into a relationship with your hottie hippy, you can even ease back a bit and start dropping hints that you’re interested in the eco lifestyle. This way she gets a better sense of who you are and you can continue with whatever relationship you have. The choice is ultimately yours.

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