How to Hook Up With an Old Flame without Sounding Desperate

“Don’t overdo it with flowers”
Come on, admit it, we know you have an old flame you text every once in a while. Maybe it’s an old girlfriend who you, while you couldn’t work out a relationship together, still meet up from time to time to blow each other’s minds just like you did in college. Maybe it’s your high school sweetheart, married and stable but utterly unable to say no when you ask. It’s entirely possible it’s nothing like either of those situations and maybe you just found a gorgeous girl you went to high school with on Facebook and want to message her and try and see if there’s any chance of a hookup there. There’s no shame in these kinds of relationships and in fact, they’re beneficial, increasing your chances to get laid. What you want to be careful not to do, though, is to sound desperate at all when you text them.

“Enjoy the moment”
As silly as it sounds, the key really is to make sure they don’t think they’re a last resort, because that’s likely to offend them, but to not let them think that you’re going to practically die if you don’t get with them, because then they have power over you, in a way. You don’t want that, because then you could end up being manipulated and tricked when you’re the one trying to be smooth, and you don’t want that for any reason! The most important thing to remember in cases like these is that unless you already have a pretty steady, established hookup relationship with the woman you’re trying to get with, you probably shouldn’t start off with a text message immediately asking for a hookup. If you’ve hooked up with her twice a week for the past three months, then yeah, that’s totally fine, just message her and ask if she’s free tomorrow. That doesn’t come off as desperation; it just comes off as what you’re used to doing to get laid.
If it’s a girl you know that you’ve never hooked up with before, though, it’s pretty tactless to send a text message that blunt to her. You’ll come off as demanding and desperate and it will be a total turn-off for her! She’ll most likely think it’s tacky and respond unfavorably, if she even responds at all. In cases like that, it’s best to ease into it by sending her a message asking how she is or what she’s been up to and when the texts start getting long, you can ask her if she wants to meet up somewhere for a drink. One drink can turn into two or three, and if you play those cards right you could end up taking her home that night and doing what you always wanted to do to her in high school or college. There’s nothing more gratifying than being able to get with a girl you’ve wanted for years, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re cool and mature about it, that one-time hookup could become a recurring thing, and wouldn’t that be nice?

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