Getting Lucky at Concerts

“Forget the concert and focus on the smooch”

Concerts are a great place to get drunk and have a great time with your friends while listening to good music, but they can also be a fantastic place to get you laid. The loud bass gets everyone’s blood pumping, and the alcohol doesn’t hurt you either. And the best part: the women come skimpily dressed and practically begging for you go hit on them, at rock concerts especially. Whether you’re the subtle or in-your-face type of guy, this sort of venue is just right for finding the perfect girl to hook up with.

Loud music and close quarters go hand in hand and make the perfect storm to get girls desperate and horny, so take advantage of it. Pretend to want to get up closer to the band and use that opportunity to grind against her – if you’re really bold, try grabbing her and dancing with her. It might get you slapped, but hey, you can just tell her you’re drunk. If she does slap you, back off, but if she doesn’t then continue to push your luck as far as it’ll go. Plenty of girls go to concerts looking for guys to grind up on, so if she’s already dancing consider her fair game. A little bit of dirty dancing can get you that much closer to the bed of your truck or an unused port-o-potty if you want it fast and easy – the physical contact will just stimulate her further, and a bit of groping helps too. If she’s wearing next to nothing, it’s only too easy to cop a feel without it seeming intentional.

“Dance with her to impress her”

The dancing approach is much more hands-on, and not for the faint of heart. For those on the shyer side, hang towards the back of the venue or near the bathrooms for optimal chatting locations. Ask girls waiting in line for the bathroom about their favorite songs that the band sings, other favorite bands, etc. If you hit it off she might just stay back there with you, and you can buy her a drink and get to know her better. If she’s lingering at the back, too, she’s probably not too social and won’t make the first move – take initiative! If you want to touch her, go ahead! Start by grabbing her hand, and then if it goes well hurry in for the kiss. Don’t waste all your time being awkward and indecisive or else the concert will end and you’ll miss your window. At concerts, you have to move quickly to get anywhere, especially if that somewhere you want to get to involves taking your clothes off.

There’s nothing better than relaxing after a hard week of work with a cold drink and a hot babe by your side, and a concert is the best place to have it all. Use the tight spaces to your advantage and get as far as you can with her. Who knows, you might be able to go all the way. There are always concerts, giving you an endless flow of ladies.

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