Getting Her to Wear Lingerie

“Lingerie is the best gift for her”
Lingerie can be an easy factor to add some spice into the bedroom. But, if your babe isn’t feeling confident enough to wear it, then it might take some coaxing from you to get her out of her shell. The classic way to do this is to buy it for her yourself. The next time you are dressing after getting rowdy in the bedroom, act like you’re being a sweet guy and hand her, her bra and panties. Little known to her you will be checking them both and making mental note of the size. It’s always a bit of a gamble to shop based solely on size, but it’s a start. Talk to the ladies who work at the lingerie shop. Bring the sizes, but also mention her body shape. Is she curvy, thin and stacked, has wide hips, narrow waste etc.? Based on what you tell them, they can recommend an item. Yes, you might want to see her in a g-string and pasties, but her comfort zone might be a baby doll or silky gown at first. The wild stuff can come later. When you give the lingerie to her, do it in a way that says she’s special, that you love her body so much, you bought it a present. Give her time to put it on and do her hair and whatever else it takes to make her feel sexy. Your patience will be rewarded.
If buying her lingerie yourself doesn’t work, you can always take another route. She doesn’t want to be uncomfortable, that’s fine. It’s scary to try new things sexually, but you can do it with her so she doesn’t feel alone. Buy yourself a man thong, a role playing gimmick, or something of the like. Hell, if she’s into sparkly vampires then bust out that body glitter (edible, if available). It might be embarrassing, but sometimes you have to man up when it comes to this sort of thing. When she sees that you’re willing to experiment and maybe make a bit of a fool of yourself, she will be more apt to as well.

“Ask her to wear sexy clothing for you”

Let’s say you and your babe are very comfortable together. You can simply come out and suggest or ask that she wear sexy clothing for you. Reassure her that she won’t have to strip, wear something super nasty, and you aren’t getting bored or anything like that. Just that you think it would be hot as hell.
Once she’s in her sexy duds, turn the lights down low, put on some old school sexy music and commence seduction. The half light of candles works well to make her feel less exposed, hide some of the flaws that only she notices. When she comes to you, don’t hold back any awe you might feel. Let her know how stunning, how sexy, how mind-blowingly delicious she looks. Positive comments will put her at ease and make it more likely that she will don her skimpy clothing for you again sometime.

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