Catch a Girl on the Rebound without Seeming like a Jerk

“Charm her”
Nothing hurts a woman worse than a bad breakup, especially if they end a relationship that had been ongoing for a very long time and were extremely into the guy they were with. This can be hard for you if you had known her closely previously, but if you were merely acquainted and she was someone you wanted to hook up with pretty badly, it won’t hit as hard. In fact, you can use it to your advantage. You’re in luck because women “on the rebound” like this, so to speak, are in a slightly vulnerable emotional state and will be even more likely to say yes to an invitation for a dinner date, or even just a drink.
Sometimes these women who’ve recently ended their relationships are just lonely in a physical sense, and while they might not want another actual relationship so soon (in fact, most won’t) they’re likely to be more than willing to hook up with you. It will make them feel better and hey, the fact that there’s something in it for you is secondary, right? At least, that’s what you’ll tell her. A lot of men feel bad about catching women in this emotional state, but there’s really no guilt to be felt because you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s ultimately her decision as to whether or not she wants to sleep with you or date you; you’re not pressuring her into anything. You’re simply…taking advantage of a good situation when it’s presented to you and maximizing the most of your opportunities. It’s a win-win situation for you if you know how to work it right!

“Comfort her and be patient”
The key is to not be tactless. You don’t want to say things about how you noticed she’s single again, so you figured you’d ask her out because that’s the epitome of rude, tasteless and inconsiderate. You want to phrase it like sympathy; let her know that you’re sorry for the distress she’s in and you were wondering if a drink on you might make her feel better. This is subtle enough that she won’t think you’re taking advantage of her, but direct enough that she’ll probably realize you’re letting her know you want to start spending more time with her. If your night at the bar goes well, it could turn into dinner dates and then become something a little more permanent. Or alternatively, her recent breakup could have prompted her to swear off relationships for a while and just go for casual hookups, which will be great for you if you didn’t want anything committed. No matter how you spin it, catching a woman right when she ends a long-term or serious relationship is going to be great for you if you want just sex, or if you’d been wanting to be something more to her, because when you’re consoling her through this tough time she’s going to start to see you as a hero. Nothing will attract an emotionally vulnerable woman to a man faster than her feeling like he can take care of her!

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