Body Dust: What the Hell and How to

"Spice things up with edible body dust"

“Spice things up with edible body dust”

No, we aren’t talking about dead skin cells or anything like that! What we are talking about is called ?body dust? or ?body powder,? and it’s fantastic. Not only is it freaking delicious, but it’s fun and interesting. That makes it an excellent way to prime the pump for some of the friskiest sex you’ve ever had. Body dust is also great because unlike other sexual toys or ?bedroom aids,? it’s not frightening and there’s absolutely no way that it can be painful. So when you have a new babe over for sexy-fun-times, breaking this out isn’t going to scare her off. It IS going to show her that you’re interested in making sure that she has a good time and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

What is it?

Literally, body dust is candy for sexy times. It’s a fine, soft powder that smells and tastes like a variety of sweet flavors. Depending on the company, there can be tens of flavors on hand from root beer to cotton candy, so you can choose your favorite flavor. When you ARE shopping for body dust or any body candy it’s important that you check the quality. Good powder should be fine and powdery. When you sprinkle it in the back of your hand, it should slide right off and not feel tacky or sticky. When you lick the back of your palm, you should still not have any slime or stick. Obviously, it will stick to your hand once your hand is wet, but it should never feel tacky.

How to Use it

"Honey lemon body dust is delicious"

“Honey lemon body dust is delicious”

Most body powder or dust will come with a feather duster. You can buy more decorative dusters if you like at your local adult store, but the one that comes with the powder will do just fine. Keep the duster and the tin within reach of your bed. Typically the tins don’t look like anything; most people we know just leave them out.

When you bring a babe into your bedroom and the clothes start coming off, you can pull out body dust to show her. Ask her if she’s ever tried it, and if she likes whatever flavor you’ve chosen to have on hand. If she says yes, ask to see the back of her hand. Now, this is the important part because if you do it right, it’ll sweep her right off of her feet. Take her hand and tilt it so her wrist is slightly raised and her palm is down. Think of those movies where the gentleman kisses the back of his lady’s hand. With the duster, just gently dab her wrist. Use a light motion, similar to, well, dusting. Take her hand in yours, then run your tongue gently over her wrist to remove the dust, then kiss the back of her wrist. Trade off playing with the duster and tasting it off of each other. Some places that you REALLY want to try on a chick are her side, hip, shoulder, and the crook of her neck. These places are hot spots for most babes and RARELY get enough attention.

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