You’re Never Too Old To Play Pretend

“Try out a roleplay to make your sexual life interesting” If you’re bored by your bedroom activities, then chances are your girlfriend is too. Bring in a bit of fun by roleplaying instead of lust doing what needs to be done. Imaginative fun can make sex infinitely more enjoyable, and there are a countless number of scenarios to choose from. They range from general, popular subjects and can get as specific as a particular kink that you and her share, not to mention it allows for an escape from the mundane events of the real world. One of the most popular roleplaying genres is that of a teacher and student. This particular game can go one of two ways – with you as the teacher, or her. Choose to be the teacher if you want to be more dominant, or let her be in charge for an invigorating sexual experience. Pretend that one of you has to stay after class, or is in detention for punishment. If you’re into light BDSM, this is the genre for you. Tell her how bad she is and spank her over your knee, or make her bend over and write a phrase on a piece of paper while you feel her up. Keep the…

What To Do If You Girl Doesn’t Have The Same Kinks As You

“It seems like she’ll not agree to fulfil your fantasy of anal sex” Unfortunately, it happens. If you and your girl have disagreed about matters of sex in the past, it’s more likely that as your sexual relationship progresses you just might find out that there’s something you like that she just…doesn’t. Not everyone has the same interests; just because you’ve wanted to experiment in BDSM doesn’t mean she’ll be totally comfortable with that, and her sexual fantasy to be with two guys at once might just be something you’re totally put off by. This is more likely to happen if your kinks are a little…out there. While there’s no shame in what you like (within reason, guys, come on) it’s just important to be prepared in case the day comes that your greatest sexual fantasy surfaces and the girl you’re hooking up with is just…totally turned off. That’s bad for both of you because it creates tension and can lead to some pretty awkward situations and destroyed moods or moments. That’s completely okay; it can happen. If and when it comes out that you don’t share a particular kink, here’s how to handle it without making her uncomfortable and hopefully still getting a little of what you want! “Don’t…

What is a Sex Wedge?

The name sounds funny; we know but hear us out. This is one item that no one here can do without. Sex wedges are basically furniture for your sexy-time needs that you don’t have to hide when your mom comes over. They don’t LOOK like something used for sexy-fun-times. They actually just remind most people of college furniture or bean bags. There are numerous different pieces in a set that are all basically called sex wedges. You can buy as many or as few as you want. They also come in a wide assortment of brands and colors that will keep your lady happy. If you’ve ever come across these things at a sexpo or at an adult store, give them a sit, its well worth it. Why the Sex Wedge? The sex wedges are very diverse for one reason and one reason only: angles. By using a different angle in your approach you are going to give yourself AND your lady a whole new set of sensations. It’s also a great item to use to relieve tension, specifically on your lower back or hips during intercourse. This means that you can go for longer, with less stress on your body. It’s a great way to get a woman’s pelvis…

What a Girl’s Drink Says About Her

“You can know a lot about any girl by the drink she orders” There is picking up a chick in a bar, and there is picking up a chick in a bar the right way. Sure, you could use the shotgun approach and go after any girl that is in the vicinity, or you can put a little more effort in and pick who you get todo the horizontal limbo with that night. When looking around the bar, take special care to check out the ladies’ drinks. Whether it’s a fruity cocktail or a shot of hard alcohol, that’s your first clue to what a) she wants to accomplish that night and b) what you have to do to get into her pants. If she’s drinking… A girly cocktail This includes mimosas, daiquiris, cosmopolitans, panty droppers, etc. Sporting a colorful cocktail means that she’s going fairly low alcohol. These brightly colored drinks also tend to have a low calorie content. She might be a lightweight or dieting. Either way, using lots of compliments after she’s had a few of these and is feeling tipsy as a gateway into her garden of goodies. If she still seems a bit sober, then don’t act so cheesy (yet). She feels classy, drinking those…

Unkempt is Unloved

“Keep yourself well groomed to increase your chances of getting laid” If you’ve been having trouble picking up chicks, the answer might be as plain as the nose on your face; or, rather, the hair on your face instead. How you present yourself is everything, and if you’re sporting a wizard beard you’ll be passed up 9/10 times for a clean-cut guy. Pay attention to your grooming methods and general hygiene – that might be why you haven’t been bagging ladies left and right. So, take a good look in the mirror and see if your problem is staring right back at you, then take decisive action. Excess facial hair is not only unnecessary unless you’re a lumberjack – it makes you look dirty. Not very many women go for the shaggy, homeless look, so consider digging out the razor or the scissors. A closely trimmed beard looks suave and considered, and makes you look like you have your life together. Make sure to keep up with it and maintain it to stay fresh looking and clean, and you’ll notice results right away. All those women who wouldn’t look your way before with be clamoring to talk to you, and you can thank your new self for that. If you…

Unexpected Items of Clothing that Girls Find Sexy

“Wear body hugging clothes” When you’re on the hunt for a new lady, it’s a no brainer that you probably shouldn’t look like a homeless slob who’s using the public bathroom as his showering place. But you also don’t want to look like a rich huffy whose manservant does all of his handling of things the ‘poor’ might have touched (unless you’re looking for a girl who’s into that, I guess). So get yourself some new swag. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on these surprisingly sexy clothes that ladies dig, most can be found at second-hand stores in your area. Ladies love vests. Not those awkward, puffy ones that you wear in the snow, though. Fitted vests serve absolutely no purpose in the world of practical clothing. They don’t keep you warmer, they don’t cover your naked body, and they don’t hold anything in place…which is why they seem so sexy. Because they are so pointless, it means that you are putting effort into your wardrobe. If you’re going on a date while wearing one, it means that you want to impress her and went the extra mile. If you’re wearing one out on the town, you’re a step above the tools who have been hitting…

Turning Your Bodies into Canvases: Body Paint and How It Can Be Erotic

“Indulge in some body painting” Do you remember finger-painting as a kid, or maybe taking an art class in high school to keep yourself entertained? There was something nice about that tactile hobby, about letting the creative thoughts flow and watching the paint form something you were proud of. Now that you’re an adult and might be looking for new and fun ways to hook up and have fun, why not paint on your body? You might have done it before in college for your school’s championship game, and maybe your girl did it for a party, or maybe you’re both new to it! Whether or not you’ve done it before, it’s a definite must-try for the two of you now, as painting on each other’s bodies for more of a sexual experience will be great for the both of you! Body painting is great because while it’s a form of body modification, it’s temporary and usually washes off with a good scrubbing. While piercings and tattoos can certainly be erotic if someone you’re attracted to is doing them for you, body painting can serve that same purpose without the long-lasting commitment of modifying your body (sometimes) permanently.If you haven’t tried it before, consider this. There’s something erotic about lying…

The Thrill of Being Found Out

“Having sex at a public place is always thrilling” There’s a certain level of thrill that comes with the territory of fooling around where you can get caught. Whether you’re in an alleyway leaving the bar, in a dressing room at the mall, or on a playground in the park, the knowledge that you could be discovered at any minute is absolutely invigorating. Of course, it would be awful to actually be caught, with potential legal repercussions as well, so a lot of people are too scared to attempt it. If you can pull it off, though, sex in a public place is a kinky way to spice up your love life. Taking your sex life out of the bedroom is taboo, and therefore so deliciously tempting. Begin to think of all the places you and your girlfriend could hook up if you decided to be more adventurous, and what that could mean in terms of your arousal. Maybe your desk at work doesn’t see too much traffic at a certain time of the day, or maybe your office has blinds? Or maybe you want to take it even further than that, and start thinking of how many places you could have herin your local park? If it feels unnatural…

Mistakes Men Make When Massaging a Woman

You’re with a lady and all you want to do is make her feel totally amazing. You want to get down, get busy and make her toes curl and her voice crack. One of the most intimate things that you can do with your lady is giving her a massage. We all use this as part of our arsenal when we are trying to please our women. The problem? A lot of us don’t know what the hell we’re doing when we’re rubbing women down. We sat a few babes down and asked them what men do and don’t do correctly during the massage stage of the night. Use No / Too Much Oil Girls report that they either feel like a dude is pulling her skin off or trying to give her an oil bath. There is a happy medium. What you want to do is get a little bit of oil or massage wax on your hands and rub them together. Your hands should be moist, but not dripping. If you have any dry spots on your hands, add a little more. Let’s be honest, if you don’t know how to use oil and rub one out we don’t quite know what to tell you. You know how…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Anal Sex

“These hot babes will make you think about anal sex” Are you bored with your sex life and wanting to try something new? Do you shy away from being more adventurous in the bedroom even though you’re not content to just stick to the way things have always been? A common solution to bedroom blues is to try out anal sex. The idea is a little daunting at first, yeah, but it has great perks for you and your girl. If it seems unnatural to you, just know that it isn’t at all! Over one-fourth of ALL straight couples have had anal sex at some point or another, and many couples actually prefer it. The key to good anal sex and not a botched attempt that leads to embarrassment and agreeing to never talk about it again is a mix of doing your research and having good communication. Anal sex, while being the same concept, is largely different from vaginal sex. Before you attempt it, talk it out with her. Tell her what you want and let her know that it isn’t weird or painful if you do it right. Keep in mind that most first attempts that go badly only do so due to lack of knowledge, because chances…

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